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Samuel Gegen

Updated: May 22, 2020

We're super grateful that Samuel (@samuelgegen) stopped by a while ago to answer some of our questions, here's what he had to say.

How long have you been sober?

I have been sober almost 3 and a half years. (Date 11-14-16)

Reason for choosing sobriety? I could not, for the life of me, control how much I drink. I have big goals and decided to get sober because it doesn't align my BIG future!

What’s your favourite thing about being sober? 

Feeling good mentally, physically and spiritually ALL the time. Not some of the time, ALL the time. Also helps me maintain the focus I need to smash these big life goals :)

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far?

Be patient and empathetic with people. Don't come from a place of judgement. It's easy to do that when you first get sober. Try and understand the situation rather than casting judgement or preaching. Huge lesson for me!

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to give up?

Everyone has challenging days. I aways remember why I started. One slip up sets me back all the progress i've made and is simply not worth it. Another strategy would be to write down 1-2 things every single day that you are GRATEFUL for that you got from SOBRIETY. Looking at this list keeps me sober and reminds me not even 1 slip up is worth it. Good things don't always come easy!

Thanks for stopping by, Samuel. You're an inspiration.

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