Matthew Todd

Matthew Todd is one of life's game changers. He's an LGBT+ advocate and a climate change activist; he makes a difference in the world. You may know him as the author of either of his books (Straight Jacket & Pride), his play Blowing Whistles or from his tenure as Editor of Attitude magazine.

We know him as lovely Matthew, who kindly popped in to give us some proud and sober advice.

What was your reason for giving up drinking?

Because I was drinking every day and realised it was making me tired, miserable, making the anxiety I was drinking to stop, even worse and I wanted to find out what Sunday mornings were. Also, I screwed up a photoshoot with Daniel Radcliffe. That’s another story.

What is your favourite thing about being sober?

Just not feeling that I was waiting through every day to get to a bar in the evening. My evenings are calmer now. I was always the last person to leave the party and now I can go and decide I’ve had enough and go home and not worry I’ve made a fool of myself the next day. It’s amazing.

What has been your biggest lesson since quitting alcohol?

Biggest lesson. Oh my God, so many. I guess that my drinking wasn’t about drinking it was about my thinking and what was going on underneath. In other words it was about other things going on for me: feeling shit about myself growing up, feeling I didn’t really fit into the gay community, not being good enough, having low self-esteem and many other things. I think I thought you could only do life with alcohol and that’s so not true. My life is far bigger now I don’t drink than when I did. In recovery is where I’ve finally found the real LGBT community that isn't about sex or pop music or being fabulous but actually about being real and being there for each other. There is everything to gain.

We thank you, Matthew, for all you have done and continue to do.

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