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Flavio Alvarado

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

We've been following @soberbabesclub for a while and we are SO here for the piping hot tea and funny memes! We caught up with its founder Flavio to hear his story!

Hi guys! Flavio here! Recovering alcoholic, addict and most importantly, sober today!! I’m a full time over worrier/thinker, and now I’m a professional at gratitude lists, keeps me on check!

How long have you been sober and why?

I have been Sober for 1 year, my sobriety date is 6/10/19... I had been Sober for 5 years prior to that. And life got better and better with time... it got so good, I forgot I was a true addict... stopped doing the work and felt like I was cured. I WAS NOT.  It went south so fast! Right to where I left off the first time, or worse.

What method did you use to become sober?

I tried doing it alone, and my head isn’t the greatest at having good ideas... I was lucky enough to be introduced to 12 step program. Which is where I found the help I needed. The fellowship was so loving and accepting. They loved me before I could truly love myself.  What are your thoughts on the LGBT+ community’s attitude towards alcohol and drugs?

As a gay man, I feel more pressure for me to “drink to have fun”... people see what the media portrays as fun and they want that behaviour from me. “Shots shots shots!” Lol... What they don’t understand is that I can have the same fun, without the hangover or the black out! I can go out and have a blast, I just know when to leave... And never go anywhere that I will be stuck.  Why do you think members of the LGBT+ community are more susceptible to experiencing difficulties with alcohol and drugs? I believe we are more susceptible to falling into alcohol and drug abuse because we grow up with a lot of untreated anxiety, stress, depression, constant thoughts of not being good enough or “normal”... for myself, I know I used substances to help cope with all the negative feelings and the voices. It was a quick fix to shutdown the fear and my insecurities. What do you think we can do to change this? I believe change starts at home... parents being accepting of their children and addressing problems at a young age would help a lot. We also have to help fighting the stigma that a Sober is boring or not fun. This is the reason I created Sober Babes Club. I wanted to create a platform where we empower each other and laugh at the rough days! I believe that taking pride and ownership of your Sobriety will not only create positive change in your own life, but those around you. Specially those Sober Curious friends watching from the sidelines.  What’s your favourite thing about being sober?  I love the person I see in the mirror. I’m not ashamed of who I am. I am not embarrassed of any of my actions. I no longer dwell on my past, but utilize it as fuel to keep going and  make a difference in myself and help inspire others. 

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far?

One thing I learned from my relapse was that there is no shame in saving your life!! If you had sober time, and you used... try again!!!

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to give up?

Don’t give up! Don’t let your head keep you from a better tomorrow. You are strong! You are beautiful! You are worth the fight!!! Life is better sober!! Enjoy it!! Because even the worst day sober is better than the best day using!!! YOU GOT THIS!!! 

We thank you for being a shining sober light, Flavio. Keep inspiring!

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